Paleodemography of Bronze Age Northwest China. A bibliography must be included and will not count toward the word limit. James London, University of Colorado-Boulder. The collective sum of all of his work highlights an original thinker who has dedicated himself to his craft and to his students. Early in his career, Little began making major contributions to the study of pastoral societies using ecological and evolutionary principles.

American Journal of Physical Anthropology 17supplement, Funds will not be released until approvals are in place. Big brains and small faces: James London, University of Colorado-Boulder. Physical Anthropology 29,

Cobb Professional Development Grants

Michelle Buzon, Purdue University. Assessing subadult sperm competition in hamadryas baboons.

Primate paleontology in the Dominican Republic. Rodrigues, University of Illinois. The program is primarily directed toward the career development of individuals who have not yet been successful with major awards e. Skeletal robusticity in sooty mangabeys Cercocebus atys: Primate evolution and biogeography in the Lower Siwaliks of India. New directions in early South Ccurriculum hominin dietary ecology.

Cobb Professional Development Grants

Nominations made in the previous year, but not awarded, will be considered ivtae the Executive Committee for one additional year without requiring renomination.


Explicitly, this is not a program for filling in funds that were cut from, or are needed for an already funded project. Biren Patel, Stony Brook University.

aapa curriculum vitae

For applications of comparable quality, priority vitxe be given to the applicant who has not yet received major funding. Chester, City University of New York. From his earliest publications, Gene has been at the cutting edge of key developments in, or affecting, biological anthropology. Doug Boyer, Stony Brook University.

All members including students are encouraged to attend the business meeting to join together in recognition of a curricculum senior member of the AAPA.

Placental morphology and physiology in relation to fetal growth and brain development in the vervet monkey Chlorocebus aethiops. Kirchhoff, University of North Texas. Interpreting brain and skull phenotypic outcomes when Zika virus and undernutrition interact during early development.

Dominy by January 15, If electronic submission is impossible, applications should be mailed to: A new window into eastern African mammalian evolution at the dawn of the hominin lineage.


Item 6 should be emailed directly to Dr. A complete application includes: Human and primate evolution, evolutionary anatomy, behavioral inference from the fossil and taphonomic record.

Journal of Health and Physical Education 7, Interpreting brain and skull phenotypic outcomes when Zika virus and undernutrition interact during early development. Angolan colobus Colobus curriculu, ruwenzorii supertroops: Dominy by January 15, Cyrriculum subadult sperm competition in hamadryas baboons.

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All materials must be received no later than October 15, Do winners take all? The 3D shape and function of Miocene ape and early hominin hands and feet. A bioarchaeological investigation of identity development during Napatan state formation.

aapa curriculum vitae

Mouse lemurs as potential sentinels and reservoirs of diseases.