Ryan Schmidt, University of Texas, Austin. Development of non-invasive methods for studying the hormonal regulation of feeding behavior in wild primates. All materials must be received no later than October 15, Anthropological genetics, demography, molecular genetics, primate genetics, and genetics of twins. Amanda Tan, Dartmouth College.

Sokal, Stony Brook University. Myra Laird, Postdoc, University of Chicago. More information on his remarkable career in the context of the early development of Physical Anthropology can be found in Rankin-Hill and Blakey Evolved hormonal mechanisms of allomaternal care behavior in red-bellied lemurs, Eulemur rubriventer. Malukiewicz, Federal University of Minas Gerais. Mouse lemurs as potential sentinels and reservoirs of diseases.

Approvals to conduct the research e.

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A glance at his long bibliography shows an amazingly diverse span of subject matter, including comparative anatomy, growth and development, bone biology, vitamin metabolism, and the patterns and causes curricu,um sexual dimorphism.

Primate extinction and community dynamics at a new subfossil site: Primate morphologist, and paleoanthropology. Lynn Copes, Quinnipiac University.

aapa curriculum vitae

Marta Alfonso-Durruty, University of Pennsylvania. Kirchhoff, University of North Texas. Tecot, University of Arizona.

A completed Professional Conduct Disclosure Form. That being said, if an applicant was previously funded by NSF, NIH, or another major funding organization, they are not necessarily disqualified from applying. Approvals to conduct the research e. The evolution of complex traits, genetics and evolutionary conceptual theory, history of evolutionary biology and bioethics as it relates to evolution and genetics in our society. He has published over papers and has also co-authored three very influential books: He is perhaps best known for his many works on numerical gitae, a field he co-developed with Peter Sneath.


The power of aneuploidy to elucidate mechanisms influencing human evolution and development.

Unearthing hidden stress and frailty: If electronic submission is impossible, applications should be mailed to: Evolved hormonal mechanisms of allomaternal care behavior in red-bellied lemurs, Eulemur rubriventer. Site programming and administration: Using stable isotopes to measure the nutritional advantages of stone tool use by long-tailed macaques. Brian Villmoare, University College, London. Skeletal analysis of the Lesula.

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A completed Professional Conduct Disclosure Form. Role of puberty in the development of chronotype in a rural Caribbean community. Nominees should have demonstrated a lifetime of contributions and commitment to Physical Anthropology through their scholarship, training, and service to the AAPA. Do these represent multilevel societies driven by ecological factors? Morphological integration of the primate masticatory apparatus.

Age-related changes in the digestome of rhesus macaques.

Kathryn Muldoon, Dartmouth University. Evolutionary modeling of craniofacial shape and functional performance in fossil hominins and extant durophagous primates.


Elizabeth Mallott, Northwestern University. Physical Anthropology 29, Fitae W. Sharon Kessler, McGill University.

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Rodrigues, University of Illinois. Paleodemography of Bronze Age Northwest China.

aapa curriculum vitae

Since vitaae days in the late s he has gone on to become the most productive field paleoprimatologist of his generation, obtaining extraordinary fossil-finding achievements in Egypt, India, and Madagascar and other places.

He is also a favored presenter at professional meetings who frequently salts his talks with limericks written by his alter ego — I.