By Ottoman History Podcast. Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet. The need for regional cooperation in Africa is stressed by Sonnet-Azize, This holds especially true for developing countries that cannot allocate sufficient financial means to preservation. His article from however is totally devoted to buildings in tropical climates. A selection of these reports can be found in the section Preservation and conservation — preservation in developing countries — literature. The simplest p reservation m easures, goo d handling e tc.

Ano ther reason to train the staff in the homeland, is that the results of a study outside the region need to be readapted to the needs of the home region. Other African surveys on preservation are Adikwu, ; Janssen et al. The place of origin is Chin a, whose inha bitants were able to make excellent paper in a very short time after its invention in the 2nd century BC Before Christ. An American arc hivist W. Make them as long or as short as you want, but concentrate on how they are different—and alike.

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Unlike in the West some collections in tropical lran are still privately owned Banerjee, Preventative measures should aim to achieve the best possible conditions for storing an d using items. Som e materials became available bibluography after a certain cultural stage had been reached, involving a capacity for handling and transforming raw materials.

T he construc tion of porc hes will also shield arriving goods as well as visitors from the rain and the sun Plumbe, b. Many organisations and authors have dealt with preservation terminology.

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For a guide on institutional help in librarianship in developing countries see Sandell, Storage Chapter 6: Options for improvement of co- operation in the fields of micro-filming, biblkography, restoration, computer storage capacity and training should be studied, sponsors should be identified and engaged. RAMP thus includes projects, studies and other activities. I omitted sites where students need to email or fax in problems, annotated bibliography nas l haz rlan r with exceptions for two exceptional sites.


Storage conditions also offer many opportunities to prolong the life span of the objects see section on Storage.

annotated bibliography nas l haz rlan r

A directory of individuals and institutions involved in the conservation and preservation of the cultural patrimony of the Americas was published in bibliographg, in and in Two possible outcomes of a world wide performance analysis of this role of archive services could be a recommend ation to globalize workshops for technical services, and to globalize storage facilities as well.

In bilbiography main, laminatio n with cellulose acetate film as thermoplastic adhesive ha s been banned. The book is filled w ith technical line d rawings and diagrams, a nd in this way the authors suc ceeded in explaining p ractical pro blems and their solutions very conveniently.

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Building cannot escape the far-reaching consequences of this concept in a society that is mo ving gradua lly towards sustainability. His book o n tropical libra rianship from is a ctually a compilation of articles, mainly from the s Plumbe, a.

annotated bibliography nas l haz rlan r

The case of library con servation in Nigeria, the most populous African country, may be considered typical for a developing country as well as for a tropical country. However, the scale of some problems in Central and South America can appear more daunting as the human and mater ial resources available are often extrem ely limited Rap hael, As this B ibliograph y deals with preservation of archives according to established tradition I will return to the safe side and concentrate on archives within the traditional definition.

annotated bibliography nas l haz rlan r

A lot can be done by use of proper building materials, the correct positioning of doors and windows and the appro priate cons truction of the ro of. The main areas of research are the scientific analysis of work s of art in order to increase knowledge of the constituent materials and artistic techniques, and preventive c onservatio n to understa nd better the physical, chem ical and biological processes involved in the ageing and deterioration of artefacts.


Here are some postulations. It will not be easy for developing countries to get the right equipment in their vicinity. For the southern hemisphere the terms have to be reversed.

It includes re-b oxing and re-wrappin g objects, c leaning obj ects, mass-de bibliograhy and disinfecting. Lost archives are irreplaceable, any loss is final, and in most cases reconstruc-tio n is impossible. It is a commitment not only to the past, but also to the future Ward, In an interesting article Kukubo reviews the areas of actual and potential cooperation in preservation and conservation in Eastern and Southern Africa Kukubo, It provides sample forms that are very useful for recording survey data.

For collection care in general see the National Park Service-website.

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At the bottom of this model is the section of preservation from which the entire collection benefits and at the top is the section from which only one object benefits from the actions of the conservator.

Toutes les compilations de Vieux Gazeur. At best, the risks can be reduced or the damage minimised Ling, For this rea son it has been impossible to organise the collections effectively. The best means of en suring the pro tection of libra ry materials against termite infestation is to prevent the insects gaining access to them Plumbe, c.