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Follow the UG facebook twitter linkedin rss instagram youtube. You will also be assigned a tutor with whom you can discuss your study progress. The first and second reviewers discuss the assessments and try to reduce possible difference in the overall assessment of the thesis itself without taking the process into account. You consent to this by clicking on Accept. After your return, you must hand in the transcript of records your list of marks in hard copy to the International Office Geosciences , and attach the course descriptions and any explanations.

In Dutch the programme is called Sociale Geografie en Planologie. See more planklogie here: Some degree programmes use a tutoring system; please check with your study advisor. The questions in the form can also be answered in Dutch. How did you hear about this service?

Spatial Planning and Design

Cookies die worden geplaatst om anoniem gegevens te verzamelen over het gebruik van de website om deze plabologie verbeteren. The International Office will contact you around the middle of February latest about the decision, and if accepted which university you will go to.


The degree programme will organize a matching procedure.

bachelor thesis planologie

Bachelod organized parties and excursions together with nine other first-year students and a member of the board. Deze cookies worden bijvoorbeeld ingezet om het inloggen voor studenten en medewerkers mogelijk te maken.

In the third year you are allowed to partly fill in your own programme. I initially chose to study European Languages and Cultures, but that wasn’t the programme for me. All these setbacks have led to the planned opening of the North South line in 10 years later than initially planned!

Externe advertentienetwerken verzamelen individuele gegevens over internetgedrag. I also found out exactly which master programme I am going to do and I have a better idea of what my future will be in this work field. Keep in mind that even within a country, the costs can vary between different destinations.

bachelor thesis planologie

Deze laatste categorie betreffen de tracking cookies. For students with an international degree: Students also gain knowledge of relevant research methods to undertake planning research and will apply acquired theories, knowledge and research skills in a master thesis. Planners are asked to translate these kind of spatial transformations into new opportunities to enhance quality of life.

De begeleider levert het originele, volledig ingevulde en door beide beoordelaars getekende beoordelingsformulier in bij het secretariaat voor verwerking van het cijfer in Osiris door de studentenadministratie. Here you can find the presentation slides from this meeting. There is an open atmosphere and it is easy to contact other students and lecturers.

Carrying out geographical research within a given timeframe is essential. Many factors play a plwnologie in finding a solution to this kind of problem: Costs Before you apply you will need to make an estimation of the expenses.


bachelor thesis planologie

How do you deal with a thexis built environment and related planning processes? I was a member of the Spatial Planning and Design programme committee OCwhere students and lecturers discuss the quality of lectures and examinations, and I am part of the team that promotes the degree programme during open days.

Afronden van je Thesis – Geografie, Planologie en Milieu

We all got a helmet, a pair of boots and a jacket on for safety. Wanneer bepaalde bewerkingsstappen relevant zijn voor de interpretatie van data, dienen ook deze toegelicht en toegevoegd te worden. Heb je een vraag of opmerking over deze pagina?

Please complete this form to receive assistance. Binding study advice A minimum of 45 EC in the first 12 months binding. You can submit your application to study abroad at a partner university for the academic year from mid-October You will also thesos assigned a tutor with whom you can discuss your study progress. The course units are related to spatial planning and design, water management, infrastructure and environmental planning, spatial computer programs, complex decision-making and academic research.

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