Following are some points to help you shape borrow more effectively: It is impossible to state in definite point what you should do about developing shape and form. Use of images and annotation are encouraged and are good supplements to written definitions. Listening to the first presenter for Monday 6 June In your opinion what do you think?

For semester 2 I like to get students to end off by beginning with ‘ It will be nice if That means more ‘boxy’. Edited 10 Ma rch You have a question?

You don’t have to agree or use, but here are some suggestions: Thank you very much for answering my emails! Technically that means, you can never ‘finish’ your work. Make it look less complex. Will it be useful or beneficial for most people?

Design Journal SOS: Coursework Experiential Journal Component Example

These are students who somehow found even one or two online conversations helped and left a note coursewodk thanks before they sign off. Read Step 1 above for tips and pointers to do this part. Otherwise I will not respond to you. Nevertheless I hoped they are helped.

Deliberately make time – r efer to point 2 about setting aside time.


Design Journal SOS

The more comprehensive your mind-map is by describing the process, problem and consequences to a situation, the easier it will be later when you need to start identifying potential design situation or design opportunities. That means more ‘boxy’. Use of images and annotation are encouraged and are good supplements to written definitions.

Another one corusework the right more organic in nature. C You end with a ‘wish list’ by stating ‘what next’.

D&t coursework examples

Make every subject of equal importance to do well. Pay attention to what you have selected for yourself to work on. You should reduce ‘ Cracking ‘ to ‘ Crack ‘ and work from there. Notice if you search ‘Cracking’ you don’t gain much because ‘cracking’ is an action.

And fast forward to ideation, what could be designed? You can simplify the shape and profile e.

d&t coursework examples

Otherwise I will not respond to you. The information was very helpful, have show it to my son, I think like what you suggested, he still have to follow the instructions from the school.

Below is a brief overview: I drew one that looks more angular with straight lines. Create time if you do not have. By doing this, you alter the overall appearance.


The design brief is a concise statement that spells out what you want to do.

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So get into the Habit of Iteration. References could be obtained easily to be shape-borrowed but not all images are made equal, i.

d&t coursework examples

Transporting eggs from market to home. Pick one specific location then recall or identify situations where the theme may take place. What the various ways to crack and cook an egg, etc.

When you are done, select the best Shape and Form or you may combine a few good features to come up with a final shape, then redraw the final developed idea. As you develop and draw new ideas for Shape and Forms, you’ll get better at drawing an improved version of your courrsework.