By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The festival is linked to the mythical day on which Hindu god Brahma created time and universe. This festival is celebrated on the first day of the month of Chaitra, according to the Hindu calendar, which usually falls during March-April according to the Gregorian calendar. People prepare a variety of food and cuisine on this day and later climb the hillocks in the evening. In this festival, every place

Army Day in India 15th January After that, silver or copper pot placed over it in the inverted position. The significance of this day also marks the celebration of Harvest in India. It is the coincides with the Udagi celebration in Andhra Pradesh. How To Track Election Results:

It is believed that Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, celebrated leader of the Maratha clan, led the troops to victory and attained freedom for the kingdom from the dominion of the Mughals in that area.

History, Religion and Culture of Essay. History, Significance And Celebration Gudi Padwa is observed in the month of Chaitra, according to the luni-solar calendar, and is considered an auspicious day that marks the New Year, celebrates the onset of spring and the reaping of Rabi crops.

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Since Gudi Padva marks the beginning of spring and the Maharashtrian New Year a thorough cleaning of the entire house as well as the courtyards is a must. The day on which the festival takes place coincides with the first day of Hindu National Calendar as adopted by the Government of India.


However, this is not the universal new year for all Hindus. Other communities such as the Konkanis and Sindhis observe it under the names Sanvsar Padvo and Cheti Chand, respectively. The devotees of Lord Brahma take a sacred oil bath on this auspicious day.

It is topped with upturned silver or copper vessel signifying victory and achievement. Cannabis or marijuana has long been considered an effective way to cure different complications.

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This day people do Kalash Sthapana to celebrate this authentic day. To decorate the house, flowers are gdi to illuminate the houses with vibrancy and colorful flowers. Another popular legend about the origin of this festival revolves around the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya along with ewsay wife Sita and his brother Laxman from exile.

A biggish thal viz a brass eating plate is filled with uncooked rice and the new Punchang, the Kashmiri Hindu Ephemeris placed in it. The same new year festival is known by other names in different regions of the Indian subcontinent. On top of it, one or more boughs of neem leaves and mango leaves are attached along with a garland of flowers. The Gudi is made by purchasing a bright green or yellow silken cloth with a zari brocade eszay it and tying it on to a long bamboo stick.

Gudi Padwa – The Indian Festival

History, Religion and Culture of India. It is also believed that Lord Brahma had created the universe on this very day.


Region, Pilgrimage, and Geographical Imagination in India. The vibrant colors of the rangoli and the flowers used in its making reflect the gjdi of colors and life that this season brings with it.

History of Gudi Padwa: The saree, which can be in a variety of bright colors, is draped in such a way that the bottom half looks more like dhoti pants paddwa a long skirt. Encyclopedia of New Year’s Holidays Worldwide. Padda Read Edit View history. It is celebrated during spring and is also a harvest festival celebrated in Maharashtra and in Konkan areas. Encyclopedia of New Year’s Holidays Worldwide.

The Sindhi community celebrates this day as Cheti Chand as the new year and observed as the emergence day of Lord Jhulelaal. The festival generally coincides with the Udagi celebration in Andhra Pradesh, which is the New Year essay festival for the people of Deccan.

essay on gudi padwa

Will not be published Required. It is considered as most auspicious day of the year. This day has many accounts of legendary tale attached to it.

essay on gudi padwa

Gudi Gudi, meaning Brahma’s flag Brahmadhvajis hoisted by people on the day of Gudi Padwa, as a symbol of victory of good over evil. Counting Starts At 8 am:

essay on gudi padwa