And once the test is completed, the thesis is set aside. The music needs to reflect the affects present in Kenpo movements, such as intensity, pride, anger, confidence, etc. I cannot wait to the lifetime of memories we will have together with our families both in and out of the karate studio. Without proper timing the opponent will not be defeated and the audience will not like your music. My husband for his unconditional love and support, whether it was watching our kids for the hours I was at the studio training, or at a tournament; to the empathy at the bumps and bruises along the way; to the motivation to get to each finish line. Having the knowledge of targets is also important in presenting the correct weapon.

I thank God for preparing me both physically and mentally for confrontation, should it ever occur, and bringing such wonderful people into my life. Apr 10, 9. Today, while the kiai is not used as it was in ancient Japan, it remains a very important part of martial arts. Maybe we could have a “Thesis” section??? Whether it is another martial art, a job, a hobby, a friend, or any of countless directions that my life may take, I will bring Doce Pares with me as a unique and important part of my self. Think about the source of the written techniques, sets, forms, drills, etc.

Jan 21, Messages: My parents — for their dedication, driving me here, and for all their support Mrs. To translate this into everyday life, and specifically my life, I think balance is an essential ingredient in living a happy and healthy life. It is important that your subject matter be a worthy one, one that is sufficient in depth, and one that you are capable of completing.

Black belt Thesis

All of these pieces could be played while performing their respective forms but the pieces for Short 1 and Long 1 would provide a different type of soundtrack than the others because of the method of translation.


He started in when he was just four years old. The piece has one theme like the form. I had to keep a constant lookout for potential submissions that I could use and could be used against me, all the while moving from position to position. Apr 16, theeis I have always been available to pre-read and comment on a thesis before a student hands tesis into their instructor before the BB test, and have read a lot of good stuff.

kenpo karate thesis

The way to remember which hand should be up is that it is the one on the side closest to your opponent. Music has been compared to dance, which is a form of human movement but differs from martial arts in its intent and function.

It is a haven for your mental equilibrium because for that hour or so, now you can focus on what is in front of you, you can begin to heal with like minded individuals who share your passion of the martial arts. Do other styles require this? Conatser or Bob Liles when you have never written anything before in your life.

For that I am eternally thankful. Include what rank it was for and to whom and when it was submitted. My charge is to break down and analyze Short and Long Form 3 and Form 4.

kenpo karate thesis

In that sparring match, for the first time, I was not able to connect, or get close enough to strike, I was the one getting hit, I was the one experiencing frustration and all I could do was simply take it.

More specifically, the first, third, and fifth notes produce a major triad which is the most harmonious chord present in music because it is based on the first three notes of the overtone series. Mine was Breath Control: To further explore metaphorical connections between eknpo and Kenpo, I composed a four short pieces of music to fit the affect of four Kenpo forms.


kenpo karate thesis

If one drops their foot from position number two, gravity brings you down without purpose, and hinders balance. His test was to frighten the wolves out of their own den without making any sound; his very presence was supposed to be enough to complete the test. Apr 10, 7. The piece for Long 1 is somewhat obvious as well but is more sophisticated than the piece for Short 1 in that there is movement in the bass voice.

By practicing the forms krnpo techniques, the student is taught pre-set movements which can be translated into sparring.

The KenpoNet Black Belt Thesis Library

My Kenpo Karate training helps me to be of service to myself and my community. When I began grappling, the goal was to get to the positions: Just a small portion to add here For example, when we are running drills, the most important aspect of each lesson each instructor teaches is to look forward because the majority of the time kfnpo is where our opponent is.

Next I will compare the intent and resulting affect of the moves and the notes. Shouting is also used to intimidate. I never have, and I hope never will, take money for teaching or assisting. Each part contributes to each other. So naturally the seventh note tends to resolve up to the eighth.

The weapon for a front kick can either be the top of the foot or the ball of the foot.