Box , Kilifi, Kenya. It was reported that in the future, community members would be reluctant to contribute towards helping families to clear hospital bills due to the harsh economic conditions, and health insurance will be the only way of ensuring that such people can pay for health care. Health Care Financing Policy and Strategy: Purposive sampling was used to obtain respondents from each Village, whereby thirty respondents 30 were taken from each village. Template for dissertation table of contents. The feasibility of financing reforms for UHC, particularly those related to NHIS, will largely depend on the quality of care in the Kenyan public health system. High insurance coverage in the study area can be attributed to the fact that the study was conducted in a rural area with a long history of CBHI schemes, and which records the highest level of CBHI membership in Kenya.

Under the health sector reforms, various programs including the National health Insurance scheme were introduced. If my financial ability allows me to pay for the Karatina District Hospital package [public hospital], that is where I will go. The population of Shinyanga region according to the Tanzanian National Census was 2,, Factors leading to decreasing demand for Community Health Insurance among urban informal sector. Skip to main content. San bernardino county hazardous materials business plan. These are normally perceived to be of poor quality.

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Affordability of health insurance premiums was central in Ghana, where community members reported that the premiums were too high and unaffordable to many [ 25 ]. Others felt that officials of the CBHIs were trying to educate people about the schemes through literayure channels, including churches, funerals and other social gatherings, but this information did not always reach everyone.

Pre-publication history The pre-publication history for this paper can be accessed here: Data collection methods Data presented in this paper are part of a wider study that explored feasibility of health insurance as a mechanism to address health system inequities in Kenya.


If the option chosen is to seek care, then an individual has to decide on where to seek the care. Respondents Frequency Percentage Employed However, the study still reported very limited understanding of health insurance, implying that nif more education and sensitisation regarding health insurance is needed in settings without CBHIs.

Primary data were also collected through interviews 3. Communities are the major beneficiaries of any UHC reform. Kenya National Health Accounts — Currently, the Fund has registered a total of mhif, principal members hence the number of beneficiaries to the Fund services are over 1. Some people may also for instance see that a member of the family has an illness that is deteriorating with time.

It is important that the concerns raised regarding poor quality of care in Kenya, particularly in the public sector are addressed before implementation of the NHIS. Some of the sources include; NHIF documentary books, pamphlets, other individual researches, published materials, journals, different internet sources and revied.

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There was a good understanding of the role of health insurance, but it was not always clear how health insurance schemes litearture, with many equating them to merry-go-rounds rotating savings groups, that are very common among women.

Currently, the Fund has registered a total ofprincipal members hence the number of beneficiaries to the Fund services are over 1.

Consequently these results should be interpreted with caution since the study community had engaged with health insurance scheme for a long time and were more likely to be members of health insurance schemes compared to the rest of the Kenyan population.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Format for a business plan literture a restaurant. CBHIs working in these areas should also note the concerns related to discrimination and work closely with health workers to ensure that their members are not discriminated. Close to half of the household survey respondents Questionnaires were administered to household heads or their spouses, and in their absence, another senior household member.

CBHI members emphasised that while the schemes were open to all, they were specifically targeting the poorest populations. The total country nhhif by were 2, which are A consumer will therefore demand for health care, hence increase health stock as long as a marginal cost ljterature investment in health is lower than the marginal rate of return. The majority of household survey respondents They also mentioned lack of professional doctors, clinical officers and nurses.


Possibilities of funding health care through tax instead of NHIS were raised and preferred by the majority. Review of the benefit package is an ongoing process. Preferred revenue collecting organization. Private facilities accredited by NHIF are paid through a flat daily rate, based on the range of facilities available including X-rays, intensive care unit, number of health personnel, laboratories, operating theatres, overall area occupied, number of wards and ambulances; facilities are therefore paid different levels of rebate, depending on their accreditation score [ 19 ].

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That corruption should be addressed. As we were worrying about where to get money for the hospital bill since the boy had been ailing for some time, […] CBHI official told us not to worry about the hospital bill as the boy was insured by his grandmother who is a member of Ugima wa Mwiri [a CBHI].

literature review of nhif

Most people reported that the main aim of health insurance is to help members to meet costs of treatment when they fell ill, and that this was important because of the uncertainty associated with illnesses and the high costs of treatment. Concerns were also expressed regarding the NHIF, with people reporting that it only caters for the wealthy population, who ot the minority.