And by narrowing the population to those who would prescribe immediately, Printup is expediting the process of targeting a specific market and generating sales. CSP teams will gain the prominent information especially customer email and home address so that it will be easily to send them any promotion events. Their professional life could also be negatively affected, as excess weight has been found to adversely influence hiring decisions, wages and promotions. CSP’s primary target market after extensive market research is customers with the following characteristics:. The lowest pricing was selected because this target market has the possibility that it may look into other methods to lose weight such as Jenny Craig.

The sales force will focus on offices that were the most geographically accessible and responsive to drug-rep visits. Other than that, the viral marketing will be implementing through social networking sites such as Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram and Blog to create buzz about Metabical. Support Programs All customers who are buying the Metabical products will be registered under the support programs. Remember me on this computer. Marketing Books 14th edition David, F.

metabical case study problem statement

In addition to health risks, overweight individuals always feel like social outcasts. Metabical is intended for overweight individuals with BMI No prescription drugs are available for this market segment.

They endure a significant social stigma as well as discrimination. Product will be packaged in a blister-style package as a week treatment plan. This hurt the industry credibility as a whole.

Metabical case study problem statement

It calculates the relationship between weight and height associated with body fat and health risk. Being overweight often related to a number of serious health problems. The following are lists of the main categories in the market: We will use various pharmacies to distribute our product use current distribution method used for other CPS drugs. One serious case, ephedra was linked to several cases of sudden cardiac death and other serious health problems.


Below is the projected profit that CSP will gain from the customer in the first year: The Metabical also will be sold on this road show with discounted price and the customer will get the free e-books that will teach them a healthy life style.

From the analysis above shows Metabical has low threats to them compare with many opportunities of the products. Then the second row of Swot table depicts the external opportunities and threat by comparing with the other competitors and the industry itself. Customers will have to pay for the full price of Metabical not covered by insurance.

metabical case study problem statement

Every user can access this program for two years starting from their purchasing products. Unless the price is lowered, this option seems unrealistic. Primary and Secondary target Through this campaign will aim at both the health care providers and the end consumers.

This had dampened the production for the weight-loss products. Case Study in Session 2. CSP sales team responsible for two gastrointestinal drugs was directed to detail Metabical to health care providers sudy their territories. Retrieved November 20, from: Promote to dieticians, fitness centers, fitness trainers and online i.

For the advertising strategy, direct to consumer DTC advertising is the way how to influence people to buy the products. Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals’ CSP must make reasonable logic to assess the demand and pricing for Metabical within the first five years. They had serious side effects associated as well, which meant only a doctor could approve them.


What are the pros and cons of forecasting methods presented by Printup? Through the previous user will help the CSP to gain enough information and experiences from them.

The sales force will focus on offices that were the most geographically accessible and responsive to drug-rep metabica.

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Clear yourself first that on what basis you have to apply SWOT matrix. They endure a significant social stigma as well as discrimination. Other than that, the mailing strategies forhealth care providers will also include during this campaign which included an information pamphlet about the drug and reply card offering a sample of the support program. Other than that, this support program will have the personal support, meals plans, and exercise plan that will help the user to chive their weight goals.

Skip to main content. For established drugs, CSP sales reps will visited targeted medical offices four time a year to discuss the drug and provide samples.