If you and 10 other people had similar stats but your application told a telling story, I’d send you an admission letter to my school. Does anyone have any advice on how to improve my application? Have a look here for more information http: You didn’t stand out to the OT, but at least she didn’t give you a 2. If your application was canceled for failure to meet one of our deadlines and you can provide proof that you took the necessary steps to meet the stated deadline, then please follow the detailed instructions for Submitting your Appeal.

I just scrolled up to read some of the posts. GRE score was , then Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search. I’ve heard of ppl getting accepted with a 4. However, I think both programs are great.

Occupational therapy master’s program

I read some faculty background at SJSU and a few of them seem to have really excelled in this the pediatric field of OT. Wishfulone in Los Angeles, California said: Were you an English major? I would suggest you to send both.

sjsu thesis information packet

This guide was written by Harvard graduates and SAT perfect scorers. Seabiscuit – Thanks for the thoughts to help me worry less.


sjsu thesis information packet

Tesis in Mankato, Minnesota said: I can’t imagine having to wait all the way to Fall. Yes, I don’t think the OT rated me very high, but I’m pretty sure my professor and supervisor from work did. What specific achievements in computer science did zjsu recommender observe? What I did was google some OTRs in the area and looked up where they worked and then went to the place directly. Monitor your application throughout the process.

I got shingles from being so stressed out from them!

sjsu thesis information packet

I wouldn’t worry about it until the end of November or even beginning of December if you haven’t heard anything. Generally it takes about business weeks for the decision. Hopefully the letters come soon! You can find more information on schools at www. Seabiscuit, did you apply to SJSU too?

Sjsu admission essay

If the manuscript has an abundance of errors in formatting, grammar, punctuation or other writing parameters, corrections will have to be made. Letters must be on university or company stationery and sealed in university or company envelopes.

Occupational therapy master’s program. Might as well expand your options. Upload your resume Sign in.

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They told me that they will call me back but I never received any calls so I just ended up volunteering at that one place. Newbie in Canyon Country, California said: Hey Did you get admitted to USC?


If I don’t get an aid, will the costs be low to afford? The following applies to all appeals: I really don’t understand their criteria but I do know they have been receiving many more applicants each year.

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When did you apply seabiscuit? I like their fieldwork emphasis. OT in Los Angeles, California 79 months ago. Informatiom in San Jose, California said: Well, hopefully we find out tomorrow!

The thesis will be read and returned to the student with an assessment by the staff from College of Graduate Studies as accepted without corrections, provisionally accepted with corrections, or not accepted. Btw, what are your stats? USC is strong in peds, and I just have this notion that companies are more impressed by reputable schools.