Depending on what you are printing on demand the costs are relatively low. As you are approaching your own defence, you may want to sit in on a defence prior in order to see what a defence is like. Style manuals may be consulted, but students are urged to use their discretion and to maintain a consistent style. Publishing Page Content 1. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. An alternate option is available through the U of T Bookstore: The data you have already entered will be stored until you come back to the submission.

The preliminary portion of the thesis should be numbered with small Roman numerals placed in the centre of the page, about half an inch from the bottom. Publishing Page Content 1. This means that, unlike most URLs, this identifier will not have to be changed when the system migrates to new hardware, or when changes are made to the system. United Church of Canada. The University of Toronto Libraries partnered with The University of Toronto Bookstore to print its non-copyrighted material from the libraries database. However, unforeseen circumstances, such as the unavailability of an examiner, can cause delays.

The following guidelines apply to the main text-based thesis file:. Guests cannot be admitted once the defence is in progress.

If you’re using a version of Word prior tosave it as a. At the end ulft that session, you will be excused from the room once more, and after a few minutes you will be invited back in and the decision of the committee will be announced.

Producing Your Thesis

The following guidelines apply to the main text-based thesis file: Doctoral students must submit five copies of their thesis and approved thesis proposal. You should bring only a copy of your thesis and thesis proposal to your defence. For information on submitting the final version of your thesis, please see the After Your Thesis Examination: TLAC is on your right side beside the Rogers store. In Division I Humanitiespermission may be given for a thesis to be written in a language other than English or French when the language has been approved for use in a thesis by the graduate unit concerned.


uoft thesis printing

What do I bring to my defence? Defences are not open to the public. Digital Printing From File. Must be a minimum of 10 points.

Before Your Thesis Examination: If you have an accommodation need for this defence due to a disability, please notify the Graduate Administrator gcts. Deadlines for the submission of theses are posted each year under Key Academic Dates. The Presbyterian Church in Canada. If the copy is for your unit’s library, please consult them about binding choice prior to placing an order. You will be able to view your thesis on the digital library repository a few weeks following convocation.

uoft thesis printing

Copies are submitted to: You can register as a digital library repository user at any time, but to submit an ETD, you must first provide the Doctoral Examinations or Master’s Office with the following written confirmation letter or email from your supervisor for minor corrections or the convenor of your modifications committee for minor modificationsthat your thesis is in final form and approved.

T-Space is committed to maintaining the integrity of this identifier so that you can confidently use it to refer to your item when citing it. When all three examiners have submitted their grades, the GCTS Office will average the grades and send you a final thesis grade report along printiing any comments from the examiners.


Our persistent URLs printint registered with the Handle System, a comprehensive system for assigning, managing, and resolving yoft identifiers, known as “handles,” for digital objects and other resources on the Internet. Page Order The accepted order of pages within the preliminary section of the thesis follows: After I have submitted, what happens and when might my defence be? University of Toronto Bookstore’s print-on-demand service, aptly called BookPOD, will print library-quality paperbacks in minutes.

What are the deadlines for printihg in order to convocate in November or May?

Before Your Thesis Examination: Deadlines & Submission Information | Toronto School of Theology

If driving from the east or west, take the to uofft Don Valley Parkway south downtown. Supplementary files should follow the same naming convention:. Minor modifications must be made and approved by a subcommittee of the thesis examination committee within three months of the defence. Be sure to give the name of the application you used to create the file and the version of that application, e.

Please note that the current ETD system invites you to order copies of your thesis online through ProQuest. Publication of your thesis by the University of Toronto is a requirement of your degree; it is U of T’s intention that there be no restriction on the distribution and publication of theses. Create a PDF of the final approved version of your thesis before you start the submission process. Overall, it is important to submit an ETD that has a consistent and readable appearance.